Course Description & Maps 100km

100KM Course – Forrest To Forrest

In 2022 we present a NEW COURSE for the 100km Otway Odyssey, starting and finishing in Forrest it provides a breathtaking journey over the ranges and along the single track that has made Forrest a MTB mecca for so long

100km Course Description

Date: Saturday 26 February, 2022
Start: 7:30am at Forrest Football Ground
Finish: Forrest Football Ground
Length: 100km
Elevation (total): ~2,029m ascending and ~2,039m descending

  • 41.5km Stage 1, Forrest Football Ground to the top of No.1 Spur Tk and then descending and climbing Noonday Tk then on to Red carpet Tk and the awesome West Forrest singletrack network and returning to Football Ground!
  • 33.5km (75km total) Stage 2, Yaugher Loop including Marriners Run, J2, Super Loops = Still plenty of undulations but some amazing and long sections of singletrack. Happy days!
  • 23km (Total 98km) Stage 3, Forrest Football Oval to Kents Rd, Thompsons Tk (big climb) and return on a fast Newcombs Spur Tk descent. Make sure you leave some juice in the tank for this section!

“A true mix of varied terrain; the best riding possibly Australia all over – open road, climbing, bombing, creek crossings, berms, sand, mud, open fast single, tight single, in lush rainforest, in arrid sand… 100 Ks of a mix you won’t forget!” – Hugh Moll, 2021 100km Odyssey rider

The 100km Otway Odyssey has a solid reputation… this is the ultimate mountain bike marathon – a heroic mountain bike journey through a range of wild landscapes and cranking single track. This is a TOUGH COURSE allowing you to show us what you’re truly made of… are you up for the challenge?


The 2022 race starts on Yaugher Rd and gets straight into action with an 11km gradual climb up Kaanglang Rd, past Lake Elizabeth and past the ‘quarry’ to ultimately turn right down No.1 Spur Tk and Noonday Tk to cross the clear stream at the bottom. After which its a fairly savage climb up Noonday Tk back to the ‘quarry’ and the top of the KOM.

Back down Kaanglang Rd, a fun descent to Lake Elizabeth and soon after its the timed (and super fun) descent on the famed Red Carpet Tk – YEW!. Riders then enter more singletrack heaven to complete the West Forrest singletrack network – including a full circuit of Follow The Dog – before returning to the footy oval at the 41km pt.

Riders then enter Yaugher trail network for 33+km of near continuous single track, ticking off trails like The Super Loop, Grasstrees, Marriners Run, Foxtail, J2 and plenty more. Re-fuel back the the footy oval at the 74km pt before embarking on the “sting in the tail” section of the race.

Exiting the footy ground a final time riders tackle a big climb up Thompsons Tk to the top of the Otways before a steep and fast descent on Newcombs Spur Tk that will truly leave you grining. The final climb up the “Sledgehammer” is back with it appearing just a couple of kms from the finish line. It will be sure to bring most grown men to tears at this stage of the race.

Conquer that and you’re happy-days-rolling into the triumphant finish chute on the Forrest Footy Ground.

Remember, there is a lot of single track in this ride and a lot of climbing, so it is a true test of skill and endurance!

Course Map

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Elevation Profile

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CLIF Bar Fuel Stations and water points

Forrest Football Ground water point (100km, 50km and 30km riders):

The water point at the Forrest Football Ground (41.5km and 75km marks) will have the following items available for riders:

  • 32gi sports drink powder – you mix to your preferred strength
  • CLIF bars
  • Water – available from either drums or taps

Riders can pre-place your own hydration / nutrition in the race chute in the football ground ready for you to collect during the race. Items must be:

  • placed in number order according to the numbered signs
  • limited to water bottles and some food in a small bag only – no deck chairs, eskies or umbrellas!
  • items can be dropped off on Friday evening and on Saturday morning

Riders can also exit the race chute and receive support from non-riders (even buy an ice-cream!) provided you remain on the playing surface of the Football Ground.

100km riders: remote water points at 30km (West Barwon Dan Rd), 62.5km (Yo Yo in Yaugher) and 87km pts (top of Thompson Tk).

The following items will be available at remote water points:

  • 32gi sports drink powder – you mix to your preferred strength
  • Water – available from either drums or taps

We will provide a hydration / nutrition transport service to take your items to the remote water points. Items to be transported to remote water points must be:

  • in a sealed bag clearly marked with your name, race number and the water point to be transported to
  • bags must be no heavier than 5kg and have essentials only (we recommend those blue, supermarket cooler bags that zip shut). Plastic boxes will not be accepted
  • bags must be dropped off at registration at Forrest on Friday evening before 7:30pm or by Saturday morning by 6:45am
  • bags will be lined up in number order at the remote water point – riders find their own bags
  • Riders cannot receive any assistance from non-riders or supporters anywhere along the course or at any of the remote water points.

Rider Etiquette

Passing etiquette – TAKE NOTE!

With a large number of riders a narrow trails there are a few points of common etiquette when it comes to passing a rider that we ask ALL RIDERS to be aware of. (Seriously – being passed by a fast rider is an incredibly intimidating thing for some riders so please be aware of these points).

If you are a faster rider who wants to pass a slower rider:

  • Let the slower rider know you are there and want to pass. Say something like, “Can I go past when there’s a chance…” or even “Track please” if you’re short of breath. Then wait for a wider section of track – don’t just barge on through
  • The slower rider can then say, “OK, go past on the right” or “just up here it’s a bit wider, go there”. But it’s good to acknowledge that you heard them and give direction for when they can go past
  • The faster rider should not and does not expect to go past the moment they catch you, slower riders should stick to their line and call them through when it suits both of you
  • If you are going to pass then make sure you are actually faster, don’t pass if you are pushing 120% effort to get around them and then slow down afterwards

Both riders should leave your ego in the car park and simply communicate that you want to pass and agree a point when it suits to pass. Happy riding!