Training and Support

Odyssey Angels is all about helping you feel comfortable about racing and to provide the opportunity to relate any feelings or uncertainties with like-minded women on bikes! Not to mention the great social side too.

Below you’ll find information and details on the following:

“I wanted to say thank you for a well run event. The extra effort being put into women’s cycling is excellent. In the Rookie (30km) event, the signage was really good and I liked the Angels and encouraging signs along the way.” Tania, 2019 first-time participant.


A Facebook group for female riders in the Otway Odyssey MTB and Gravel Grinds was created last year. What are you waiting for – head on over and JOIN US!

  • Join HERE 
  • This is a closed group set up and administered by women for women
  • This is a place to meet, chat and share your MTB experiences with fellow Otway Odyssey MTB participants (or potential participants!)
  • Includes Jess Douglas’ recommended training schedule in the weeks leading up to race day:
    • Friday morning weekely recommended schedule posted on the site.
    • Monday morining post weekend interaction on the site and a chance for everyone to share their photo’s.
  • This is NOT a sales page.


Our Odyssey Angel and super-supporter of female riders Jess Douglas has prepared a couple some great training tips including a basic 12-week ‘easy to use’ guide to help you prepare for the race, AS WELL AS some more specific training programs for the 100km and 50km races.

All programs are not regimented and do not locks you into a sweaty hell for months to come – it is a bare minimum preparation guide to get you to the start line.

Starting with just 1 hour a week, building up to 2-3 hours. This is a CAN DO guide!





There are a number of women’s specific bike groups, classes and skills sessions conducted for women so check out the following groups for more information and support.  

Jess Douglas

Jess Douglas is an 13-time rider of the Otway Odyssey having never missed a year racing the 100km course. She is a three-time world 24hr elite solo mountain bike champion, and three-time Australian 24hr elite solo mountain bike champion – and one of the most down to earth and well known members of the mountain bike community!

Jess knows the Forrest trails inside and out (she used to live there!); and can’t wait to help you on your journey towards the 2020 Otway Odyssey.

Options with Jess:

  • Skills Session (1) and Social Ride (2) with Jess Douglas (Forrest)
    • DATE: 29 December 2019
    • Where: Yaugher Trail head – Boundary Rd, Forrest, VIC
    • What we’ll do: 
      – 9am- 11am: 1. Skills Spruce up! Using a few of the fun trails at Yaugher trailhead to spruce up skills. (The session is suitable for confident beginner riders through to intermediate)
      – 11am – 1pm: BYO LUNCH at the trailhead and book in for PM Social ride.
      – 1pm – 4pm: 2. Social Ride! Let’s just have fun and ride some of the single trails used in all courses of the Otway Odyssey. (This afternoon session is more suitable for confident beginner riders through to intermediate)
    • *Limited to 10 people in the Skills session, and 10 people in the Social Ride…. and it’s FREE!
    • EMAIL [email protected] to book your spot.
  • Odyssey Angels ‘Next Challenge’ Ride with Jess Douglas (Forrest)
    • DATE: Saturday 5 January
    • Where: Forrest Rec Reserve, Yaugher Rd, Forrest, VIC
    • What we’ll do:
      – 8:30 – 12:00pm
      – Thinking of your next challenge? In this ride we’ll check out the first 35km of the Odyssey 100km course route. Taking in this first section, you will encounter big climbs, 4WD tracks, moto tracks, steep somtimes unrideable ups and lots of fast downhills of course!
    • *Limited spaces, session is FREE!
    • EMAIL [email protected] to book your spot.

Get in touch with JESS here:


There are a number of other groups out there as summarized below (and if you know of any others then let us know!):


I’m Jo, Flow Nutritionist, a qualified Practitioner of Nutritional Medicine. 

I love being out in nature! I ride bikes as exercise, meditation and FUN!
I love food, and energy food gives me.

I’ve been in a place where I thought the above was such an effort. Feeling sluggish and flat, day in, day out! 

I was trying to fuel whilst training, and ending up with a gut looking 6months pregnant, and fading really fast, when everyone else was powering on. It wasn’t due to lack of training, it was due to malabsorption and the wrong foods for me. 

I can help you with fuelling for training, racing, and most important whilst training, recovering!

Keeping your immune system strong over these next couple of months, is going to keep you flowing all the way to race day! 

Power of Positive Food!


Contact Flow Nutrition: 0409 958 263 | [email protected] |


Odyssey Ride Angels will be friendly female riders out on their bikes to help us on the day if we get stuck. Their friendly smiles, fluttering wings and race day experience will be a sign of welcome relief and support if you need a hand!

Their role:

  • Ride Angels will be at the start line for the 50km MTB, 49km Gravel Grind, and 30km MTB to assist with any last minute bike issues, answer any questions and be there for support and encouragement
  • Ride Angels will also be out on the course to offer bike support, encouragement and assistance if you have a mechanical, get a puncture or get lost (30km female MTB ride exempt from the usual “no outside assistance” rule)
  • Ride Angels will be on hand at the informal Information Session in the Ladies Lounge on the Friday evening 6:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Ride Angels will be identified with colored fairy wings

If you’d like to be an Odyssey Angel then please contact us as we’d love you on the team! Email [email protected]