Schedule and Briefing


Here is the draft schedule for 2023. Exact details confirmed in September.

Friday 24 February 2023

3:30pm-7:30pmCompetitor Registration (all races) – Forrest Football Oval, Forrest VIC.
5:30pm-6:30pmOdyssey Angels friendly meet and greet with pink champagne – Forrest Football Oval.

Saturday 25 February 2023

6:00-6:45amLate Registration for 100km riders at FORREST OVAL
7:00amSTART : 100km Odyssey elite women
7:25amSTART: 100km Odyssey E-bike competitors
7:30amSTART: 100km Odyssey race start – for all riders (except elite females)
7:00-7:45amLate Registration for 50km riders at FORREST
7:55amSTART: 50km Shorty E-bike competitors
8:00amSTART (@ Forrest): 50km Shorty race start for all riders
10:00am onwardsRegistration for ANY Sunday race at FORREST
9:30amFestivities commence at the Event Expo – Forrest Football Ground
1:00pmPresentations: 50km Shorty
1:30pmGrommets Ride activities commence – Forrest Football Ground
3:00pmPresentations: 100km Odyssey
6:00pmLive Music at the Forrest Brewery

Sunday 26 February 2023

7:00am – 9:30amCompetitor registration opens for all Sunday events
8:00amSTART (@ Forrest): GOGG big-ring 97km
9:00amSTART (@ Forrest) : GOGG small-ring 49km
9:25amSTART: 30km Rookie E-bike competitors
9:30amSTART (@ Forrest): 30km Rookie Mixed riders start (all males and optional for female)
9:45amSTART (@ Forrest): 30km Rookie Female-only riders start (Odyssey Angels)
10:30amSTART (@ Forrest) : 10km Pioneer
12:30pmPresentations: 10km Pioneer
1:00pmPresentations: 30km MTB & GOGG 97km and 49km races
3:30pmCourse closes

“This is an Epic event! I have raced all around the Australia across many sports and the Otway Odyssey is one of best of have done! Great vibes at the start, spectacular views, the Otways rainforest is breathtaking! The event hub is pumping and gets you firing for the last 35km of the famously flowing Forrest trails… I thought this would be a one off for me….but I’ll be coming back for many years now! – Wes Enticott, 2021 100km Odyssey rider.