If you cannot find the answer to your question below please email [email protected]

Will I receive my plate in the mail?

If you paid for Race Plate Postage when you completed your entry it will be posted out to you on 12 February 2024 . Otherwise, race plates will be available for collection at Race Registration as outlined in the event schedule. Cut-off to pay for plate postage is 8:00am AEDT Monday 8 January 2024.

If you did not pay for postage but would like your plate posted, please email [email protected] to arrange for posting.

Please note this will be an additional cost of $10 per person 

What happens at registration?

You will collect your race plate with timing chip attached to the back of the plate/ seat post sticker for the GOGG events, along with any merchandise you may have ordered from the Merchandise Store. You do not need to bring anything – just a smile ๐Ÿ™‚

Can I swap my entry between the different races – say from the 100km to 50km or vice versa?

Yes โ€“ as long as we have not reached our field capacity we are happy to arrange this swap prior to the event. Please email [email protected] prior to 8am on the Tuesday before race weekend.

Please note: swapping from 100km to 50km, the difference in entry fee will not be refunded. Swapping from 50km to 100km you will be required to pay the difference in entry fee. Any changes at race registration incur an additional $10 fee.

Can I order event merchandise?

Yes โ€“ you can order merchandise when you complete your entry online. If you missed this in the entry process, please visit our Merchandise page.

Am I able to pull out of the event and get a refund?

Yes โ€“ please see the refund policy HERE

Are you allowed to receive external help?

Mechanical assistance can only be received by other riders or the designated event mechanic.

Competitors may only receive external support from support crew within the confines of the Forrest Football Ground at the 42km and 76km points in the 100km race, the 31km point on the 50km race and 12km point for the 30km race (approximate distances). This area is defined as any section along the course that is within the playing surface of the Forrest Football Ground.

Competitors in the GOGG events only receive external support from support crew in the time-out zones between the timing mats.

Any riders seen to be receiving any external support outside of this designated area will be given a 30 minute penalty – this includes collecting water bottles or other hydration or nutrition from spectators as well as items that have been โ€˜pre-placedโ€™ on the course for collection during the race. This will be strongly enforced.

Will there be hydration available on the course?

Otway Odyssey MTB races: Yes. Each distance has at least CLIF Fuel Station on course โ€“ please refer to the Course Description page for details.

GOGG races: Yes, there will be CLIF Fuel Stations and a time-out zone with coffee, cakes and other supplies on each race course.

My family is coming along, are they able to help out on the day?

Yes โ€“ we appreciate all of the help we can get and volunteering is a great way to be involved. Check out the Volunteers page for more information.

I was too late in getting accommodation at the Forrest Caravan Park, what should I do?

We suggest calling the Apollo Bay and Colac Visitor Information Centres. They will be able to assist with any accommodation available in the area.

Apollo Day Visitor Information Centre โ€“ 03 5237 6529
Colac Visitor Information Centre โ€“ 03 5231 3730.

Can I camp at the event expo area?

No โ€“ We do not allow camping at the event expo area. Please call the Visitor Information Centres listed above for further information.

Is there any compulsory equipment I need to take?

It is compulsory to carry a basic first aid kit for 100km Odyssey, 50km Shorty and 30km Rookie events. First Aids kits must contain at least:

  • 2 x crepe bandages
  • 6 x wound closure strips
  • 1 x triangular bandage
  • 2 x non-stick wound dressing pads
  • A pair of surgical gloves.

These are available to purchase at registration for $15 and online via the Merchandise Store.

GOGG races: There is no compulsory equipment required to be carried.

For more information on mandatory and recommended gear check out the Equipment and Safety page.

What is the Fire Safety and Extreme Weather policy?

Click here for more information on Fire Safety procedures.

Where are the results for this event?

Results can be viewed on the Results page of this website.

How can I view the photos from the event?

All images can be viewed at photos4sale

What date are the categories for this event determined on?

Age categories will be determined by your age on Saturday 26 February 2022.

Where can I park?

Parking is available in the pony club next door to the event expo. Entry is by gold coin donation. We also recommend parking in the Forrest township and riding the 1km – 2km to the Forrest Football Oval.