Competitor Race Day Info

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Event location

Forrest Football Ground, Forrest VIC – Event Expo

The Forrest Football Ground is located on Yaugher Road, 1.5km north of the township of Forrest (VIC) and hosts the following features of the event:

  • Race Registration
  • Start and Finish line for ALL RACES
  • Event Expo with sponsors stands, food, drinks, kids entertainment, live music and much more
  • Intermediary points on the 100km, 50km and 30km MTB races – great for spectating as riders come through

Forrest (VIC) is located approximately 2hrs from Melbourne with the quickest route is via Geelong and Winchelsea. Forrest is a 40 minute drive from Apollo Bay and 25 minutes from Colac.

Event Expo and Festival

The Forrest Football Ground will host an array of excitement throughout race registration on Friday afternoon and during racing on the Saturday and Sunday, including:

  • Race registration and plate collection
  • Sponsors displays and demo gear from: Focus and Cervelo, Michelin, Super B Tools, Skratch Nutrition, Krush bike wash and more
  • Coffee, food, bar, drinks and other sustenance
  • Kids entertainment (eg, Krazy Koala entertainer)
  • Live music and MC commentary

More details about the Event Expo is HERE

Competitor Registration

All riders must collect their number plate before the start of your race (unless you paid for your number plate to be posted to you). You can arrange for a friend to collect your number plate for you.

  • All riders (MTB and GOGG): Friday between 3:30pm and 7:30pm
  • 100km, 50km MTB riders: Late registration on Saturday 6:00am – 7:45am
  • Grom riders: Registration and entries on Saturday 10:00am – 1:15pm
  • 10km & 30km MTB, 49km & 97km GOGG riders: Registration and entries on Saturday 10:00am – 5:00pm and on Sunday 7:00am – 9:15am

Competitor Services

To help you have a hassle-free time at the Otway Odyssey, the following services are provided to competitors:

Water points

Each course has a number of water points along their length (locations explained below). The following items are provided at each water point:

  • Skratch sports drink powder – you mix to your preferred strength
  • Water – available from either drums or taps (BYO water bottle…)

Forrest Football Ground water point:

The 100km, 50km and 30km MTB courses all come through the water point on the Forest Football ground. Riders can pre-place your own hydration / nutrition in the race chute ready to collect during the race. Items must be:

  • placed in number order according to the numbered signs
  • limited to water bottles and some food in a small bag only – no deck chairs, eskies or umbrellas!
  • items can be dropped off on Friday evening and on each race morning

Riders can also exit the race chute and receive support from non-riders (even buy an ice-cream!) provided you remain on the playing surface of the Football Ground.

On course water points:

The 100km courses include at two water points away from the football ground. We will can take your items to these remote water points provided they are:

  • in a sealed bag clearly marked with your name, race number and the water point it is to be transported to
  • bags must be no heavier than 5kg and have essentials only (we recommend the blue, supermarket cooler bags that zip shut). Plastic boxes will not be accepted
  • bags must be dropped off at registration at Forrest on Friday evening before 7:30pm
  • bags will be lined up in number order at the remote water point – riders find their own bags

Riders cannot receive any assistance from non-riders or supporters anywhere along the course or at any of the remote water points – other than on the playing surface of the Forrest Football Ground.

Pit Tents

We openly encourage riders and clubs to set up your own track-side ‘pit tents’ on the Forrest Football Ground. Please set them up beside the race track on the far side (northern side) of the feed zone near the footy goals.

On site bike mechanics

A bike repair shop (No Limit Cycle Repairs) will be available at the venue to provide any last minute bike mechanical work (reasonable rates charged).

Ryan from Velotherapy will also be set up to service bikes (gravel expecially) and sellign last minute bike accessories.

Open Friday afternoon, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning.