Odyssey Overview


  • epic single track – kilometre after kilometre of flowing trails
  • the lung busting climbs
  • the blitzing descents
  • the electrifying race atmosphere
  • the sense of satisfaction as you cross the finish line
  • making a massive event festival…

… it’s easy to see why the Otway Odyssey has a reputation as Australia’s most respected mountain bike marathon – one location, one weekend, there’s something for everyone!

“This really is a mountain biker’s marathon with all the sick single track!” – PETA MULLENS (5 x Odyssey winner | 2 x Great Ocean Gravel Grind winner | former Australian Road Cyclist Champion)


Rapid Ascent is excited to see all MTB course distances back again for 2019 including the continuation of the Odyssey Angel’s program.

Date: Saturday 23rd February 2018
Location: Forrest, Otway National Park, Victoria
Race formats:

Finish: Forrest Football Ground, Forrest, amidst a massive bike, food and entertainment expo
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Note: The Great Otway Gravel Grind (GOGG) is also held in conjuction with the Odyssey, on Sunday 24 February 2019. View Details Here  

Free Beer

Top Bike Tour

Thanks to Topbike Tours, all finishers (18+) in the 2019 Otway Odyssey and 


Great Otway Gravel Grind will receive a voucher to redeem a FREE BEER* from the Silver Bullet Bar (Forrest Brewing Company) at the event expo. *Beer voucher is for a 5oz beer (‘pony’), for over 18’s only; Under 18’s receive a lemonade. Valid for event weekend 23/24 February 2019. 



The pinnacle MTB race will start and finish in Forrest and include all the best single track this MTB Mecca has to offer.

The 100km race is the big race of the weekend. In 2019 this premier race will use the exact same course as was used in 2016, 2017 and 2018, that starts and finishes in Forrest in a heroic bike journey that includes all the best trails the region has to offer.

The 100km Otway Odyssey is equally renowned for three things:

  1. as one of the toughest marathons in Australia – includes a number of lung busting hills as you climb to the very top of the Otway Ranges;
  2. for the quantity and quality of the single track included; and
  3. for the spirit and atmosphere at the Forrest Football Ground which competitors pass through on 3 occasions during the race – great for spectators!

The course continues to receive high praise given the above, as well as the ease of race logistics for riders and competitors alike. With kilometre after kilometre of Forrest’s renowned flowing single track mixed with a solid mix of climbing and descending, the course keeps riders honest and adds up to a very rewarding day in the saddle.


Starts and finishes in Forrest and races over some of the best trails Forrest has in the area – a great hitout.

The 50km race is fast becoming known as one of the most popular mid-distance races in Australia with a large field conquering this spectacular course each year. The 50km Shorty is designed to be enjoyable and achievable for riders of all abilities as it includes an incredible mix of single track, bite sized hills and superb race atmosphere in a half distance challenge.

We will re-use the same course for 2019 that will see 50km riders enjoy plenty of Forrest’s most popular single tracks and gives Shorty riders the same wow-factor riding as the 100km Odyssey.


The 30km Rookie is designed for novice mountain bikers, first time racers or capable junior riders who are looking for a race to match their skills and help them set up to bigger challenges. 

After its debut in 2016, The Rookie has continued to impress year after year! This is a 30km race that’s designed for MTB newcomers and capable young riders who want to get into the sport but are not ready to commit to a full 50km. This event utilises much of the popular Forrest single track but cuts out the lung busting hills, and is designed to be more accessible for those who may be doing one of their first mountain bike races.

2019 will once again see more support and encouragement towards female MTB riders with the Odyssey Angels program which was introduced last year – removing any feeling of intimidation that the 50km or 100km courses may have with features such as seperate men’s and women’s starts.


A fun event designed for young mountain bikers, to give them a taste of the action.

The Otway Pioneer is designed for kids and junior riders and will provide you with a taste of the thrills and spills of this fantastic sport. The course includes a steady mix of 4WD tracks, swooping single track, rainforest, roads and country scenery. It’s a loop that gives kids the chance to develop their riding skills and non riders the chance to have a bit of fun.


The Otway Pioneer will again include a category for handcycles that allows riders who have suffered some loss of function in their lower limbs due to disability or impairment to participate in a mainstream MTB race. The hand cyclists have had a terrific time since joining the race weekend in 2014!


A fun ride and activities at the Forrest Footy Ground (Event Expo area) for little kids on pedal bikes and balance bikes – best for kids aged 3-8yrs.

We love seeing kids on bikes and want to encourage them to enjoy the sport and have fun on their bikes! The Grommets Ride will include a range of activities for kids like bike limbo, slow races, ride the plank and more; and is based around fun and not competition. 

Want to know more about riding at Forrest?

If you want to know more about the course for the event itself then keep reading this website for a description and maps

HOWEVER, if you want to learn more about riding in and around Forrest itself visit www.rideforrest.com – it’s a purpose built website that profiles the tracks, the township and region and what kind of riding you can expect in the area.